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If you are a landlord, property investor or if you are just dipping your toe into the water, we have an experienced team able to provide you with a complete management service.

Existing Residential Tenants

If you are an existing residential tenant and have the following situation:

Smell of Gas – Do not switch on any appliances and if safe to do so open windows and leave the property then contact National Grid on 0800 111 999.

No electricity – Your fuse board may need resetting which could be caused by a faulty appliance or a failed light bulb. If there is an issue throughout the whole property after the board has been reset check with your neighbours to see if they have the same issue or if you can identify a power outage in your street.  If your fuse board is fine and your neighbours have electricity, please call your electricity supplier.

No water – Check that you have cold water running from your kitchen tap, if not check with your neighbours.  If they are having the same issue as you then you need to contact your water provider directly.

Locked out – If you have locked yourself out of the property you will need to pay for a locksmith to attend to change the locks.  Please notify us if the locks have been changed.

If you have suffered from a break-in, please call 999 or contact your local police station. Please ensure that you receive a crime reference number from the police.

For any other emergencies please call the Veritas out hours helpdesk on 0345 1234357.

For other enquiries or more information about our property management services please contact us below.

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