Birmingham Royal Ballet

Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham City Centre

Our involvement with Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) dates back to 1994 in respect of their occupation of their custom-built headquarters premises in Birmingham City Centre along with their Midlands-based warehousing facilities.    

BRB are one of the UK’s four major ballet companies and the leading touring classical company.  They expect their property assets to perform a huge variety of functions, from dance studios and a physiotherapy pool to office accommodation for off-stage staff.  The headquarters premises are used not only by dancers and off-stage staff, but also for schools and communities works and underwent a £2.7m major refurbishment programme in 2014 to provide first class facilities befitting such a prestigious organisation. 

We were heavily involved in the post-handover period following the 2014 refurbishment, setting up new maintenance contracts and adjusting facilities to meet BRB’s exacting requirements.  Historically, we have assisted BRB in acquiring premises for warehousing purpose including interim storage facilities for the duration of 2014 refurbishment.  More recently we have completed negotiations on a number of lease events, providing rental advice and seeking cost saving opportunities and continue to assist BRB in this capacity. 

As their future property requirements continue to evolve, we are working closely with them to adapt their portfolio to their changing needs affording Birmingham Royal Ballet the opportunity to focus on achieving their company objectives and continuing success.