Facilities Management

Essentially, the Facilities Management service we offer incorporates looking after not only the building itself and its fixed service installations (such as lifts, heating,  etc) but also the “soft” services which are added to the building.

Geared primarily towards occupiers rather than investors, this will include a range of services which contribute towards creating an efficient, comfortable and safe working environment.

Some of the facilities will be essential Health and Safety at Work items, such as the testing of fire detection systems or testing to ensure hygienic water supplies. Making sure that these mandatory, routine items are carried out and recorded properly is of paramount importance and comes within the range of an employer’s statutory duties.  Some of the facilities will have a bearing on the operating costs of a company, such as the procurement of utilities services. Others will relate to the security and comfort of staff, such as the office cleaning contract or the contracting of security staff.

Clearly, each client for whom we provide a Facilities Management service will have different requirements but whatever the level of service requirement, we will ensure that the facilities are provided efficiently and competitively and that the provider’s performance is monitored.