Rent and Service Charge Administration

For most landlords, the timely collection of rent is their prime objective.  The ability and manner in which a landlord may charge their tenant for rent, insurance and service charge is governed by the lease, legislation and case law.  It is very easy to be caught out by any or all of these issues due to either lack of experience or shortage of time, resulting in costly mistakes, the consequences of which could be suffered for many years.

We can provide full rent and service charge administration, to include service charge budgeting and expenditure management, demanding and collecting rent and service charge, holding funds in a designated client bank account, payment of supplier invoices.  However, if you don’t need a full service we are happy to adapt to suit your requirements.  Between us we have many years of experience in both accounting and banking together with expertise in landlord and tenant law, so you can be confident that this most important aspect of your property investment is being handled correctly.